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Entertainment Network (India) Limited (ENIL), a subsidiary of Times Infotainment India Limited (TIML), the holding company promoted by Bennett Coleman & Company Limited (BCCL) - the flagship company of the Times of India Group, was incorporated in 1999. It is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange of India Limited and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

Radio Mirchi is the number 1 radio brand in the private FM space. It is owned by the Entertainment India Network Limited (ENIL).

The Intellectual Property Rights team at Radio Mirchi has continuously managed to create stellar properties in the space of Education, Fashion, Lifestyle & Entertainment. Driven by unique and meaningful content, our properties have constantly evolved to deliver superlative brand rub off and experience. Some of our flagship properties are Mirchi Music Awards, Classmate Spell Bee and Techlife Awards.

Our Esteemed Partners

Tittle Partner : Classmate

Classmate is India's leading education stationery brand from ITC Limited. ITC made its entry to the education and stationery business with its Paperkraft brand in the office stationery segment in 2002; and later expanded into the popular student notebook segment with its Classmate brand in 2003. By 2007, Classmate became the largest Student Notebook brand in the country. Together, Classmate and Paperkraft offer a range of products in the Education & Stationery space to the quality seeking discerning consumer, providing unrivalled value in terms of product construction & price.

Classmate's portfolio today comprises of offerings spanning across notebooks, writing instruments including pens and pencils, scholastic products such as geometry boxes, scales, erasers and sharpeners, as well as Art Stationery such as Wax Crayons, Color Pencils and Sketch pens.

Every single product of Classmate is passed through a stringent quality test to ensure that our products are an able ally in your pursuit of academic excellence/ unique needs. Meticulous understanding of consumer needs helped create a relevant and comprehensive portfolio of stationery products shaped to the highest exacting standards of performance and safety satisfying the needs of different consumer sets.

At Classmate, we have always believed that every child is born unique. We aim to celebrate uniqueness in every child by nurturing their talents and interests and by creating opportunities wherein children can express their unique abilities that make them special, delivering confidence on their pursuits to make their dreams, reality.

"Because you are one of a kind."

Associate Partner - SevenSeas

Childhood is our life's foundation: it shapes us into who we are and provides inspiration for the rest of our lives. It is also the time when actual development of a child takes place. Low immunity makes children prone to sickness. Frequent illnesses result in making children inactive and also impact their overall life in general. Regular absenteeism in school & low concentration, etc. could easily become a regular part of a child's life.

SevenSeas, the world's original Cod Liver Oil brand since 1935, has been providing immunity and good health to millions of children across the world. SevenSeas Original Cod Liver Oil is one of the rich natural sources of Vitamins A and D & essential nutrients such as DHA which help build immunity and support overall good health.

Just like Spell Bee has continued its efforts in spreading the knowledge & sharpening the skills of children across the world, SevenSeas has continued to invest in new research and understanding, to ensure we keep bringing great nutritional support for years to come, thus bringing the natural goodness of health to many generations.

SevenSeas is proud to associate with Spell Bee- India, which is undoubtedly India's most successful school competition that enables children to hone their spelling knowledge & skills

SevenSeas Original – Smart mom's choice

For Further information Write to: Manager, Consumer Health Division, Merck Limited, 8th Floor, Wing-A, Shiv Sagar Estate, Dr.Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai-18. SevenSeasindia@merckgroup.com


Children are the future of nation and tomorrow's pioneers in building nation. In a cut throat world of competition this future of India must be strong mentally and physically. One tasty, healthy magic capsule a day will definitely give the "Eggsta" super power to these super heroes and this tasty, healthy capsule is "Egg"- The only complete food after mother's milk.

National Egg Cordiation Committee (NECC) is promoting this healthy benefit since 1982 with a tagline " Sunday Ho ya Monday Roj Khao Ande" is happy to associate with Spell Bee Season 6; India's most awaited competition. NECC along with Spell Bee floats with the similar motto of nourishing the kids: Spell Bee does that mentally while NECC does that physically. Packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and all other essentials ingredients required for the human body..

Sunday ho ya Monday, Garmi ho ya sardi, Roj Khao Ande Don't forget to Spell "Egg" in your breakfast.

Television Partner - Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids stimulates smart learning through enriching content. Discovery Kids is delighted to air the sixth season of Spell Bee, one of India's largest school spelling competitions. Both Discovery Kids and Spell Bee are aimed at enhancing knowledge of children in India making this partnership a natural fit. Watch the children spell it out in the final round of Spell Bee on Discovery Kids.

Education Partner : Times NIE

The Times Newspaper-in Education (Times-NIE) programme is an unique educational programme targeted at students in the age-group of 10-16 years. The Times of India-Student Edition is designed to stimulate and challenge young minds and help them in an intensely competitive world where a high percentage is no longer the only passport to a better future. The philosophy behind the Times NIE programme is simple : Newspapers are springboards to knowledge and that is the crux on which this programme is based. Inculcating a reading habit, learning beyond the text books, applying ones mind and keep in touch with the times are some of the tenets of Times NIE. Times NIE nurtures young minds and sets the foundation for future leaders. In a nutshell-Times NIE empowers the next generation to 'stay ahead'.