i) City Finals is an online test to be taken by the shortlisted participants at their place of convenience.

ii) This is a time bound test with a duration of 450 seconds.

iii) You may attempt answering a total of 75 questions.

iv) The timer will begin once you click on the 'Start Test' button given below.

v) The questions are arranged in a vertical format. You will have to choose the correct option for each question and keep scrolling down to complete the test by clicking the 'Submit' button for your score to register with us.

vi) You can submit your answers before the stipulated time expires. However, if you do not press the 'Submit' button before the stipulated time of 450 seconds expires your attempt will not be considered.

vii) For the last ten seconds of the stipulated time the timer will blink red as a reminder for you to click on the 'Submit' in time.

viii) This test can be attempted only once. However, if you face any technical issues while attempting the test for the first time like loss of electricity, your computer malfunctioning etc you will need to write in to us at and inform us about the same within half an hour of your first login. In such a situation you can take the test for a second time, if we find the reason for your second attempt justified your scores will be taken into consideration.

ix) If you take the test twice and the submit button is clicked at the end of it on both occasions you will be disqualified.

x) Please enter your Username and Password to and click on the 'Start Test' below button to attempt the City Finals.

The Test will be active from 12 noon to 8pm only on the date that has been communicated to you earlier.



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