• The duration of the test is of 450 seconds.
  • You can attempt a total of 75 questions. The answers are in a multiple choice format. Please select the word with the correct spelling out of the given four options for each word.
  • The timer will begin once you click on the 'Start Now' button given below.
  • The questions are arranged in a horizontal format. You will have to choose the correct option for each question. To move on to the next question or to return a previous one please use the Next and Prev buttons, and not the 'Finish Test' button. To complete the test click the 'Finish Test' button to register your score with us.
  • Once the 'Finish Test' button is clicked the test ends and you will not be able to attempt any further questions.
  • You can submit your answers before the stipulated time expires. However, if you do not press the 'Finish Test' button before the stipulated time of 450 seconds expires your attempt will not be considered.
  • For the last ten seconds of the stipulated time, the timer will blink red as a reminder for you to click on the 'Finish Test' in time.