Payment Policy

In respect of any transactions entered into on the Classmate Spellbee platform, including making a payment to participate in the online edition of Contest(s), Users agree to be bound by the following payment terms:

1.The student/parent desires to participate in the Classmate Spellbee Season 12 Online Edition

2.The student/parent has read all the rules for the Online Edition mentioned in and is duly eligible to participate in the contest

3.The student/parent understands that to buy the passes for the contest, they have to pay 100 INR + 18% GST or 300 INR + 18% GST for one or five passes respectively.

4.The student/parent has completed their registration for the Online edition on the website

5.Payment towards the passes by any other means is not traceable to the student/parent and the organizers are not responsible for verification of any means of payment other than this gateway.

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

1.In the event of the student not wishing to participate in the test, the student/parent will have to inform the organizers about the same with receipt of payment (Email ID:

2.If the student has already taken the test, or started the test, no refunds are applicable.

3.If the payment transaction of the applicant fails for any reason the transaction will be reverted by our payment processor Billdesk.